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Bela D Media Anthology Celtic Wind Vol 1 KONTAKT

Bela D Media Anthology Celtic Wind Vol 1 KONTAKT

If you are looking for a sample library that captures the authentic sounds of various Celtic wind instruments, you might want to check out Bela D Media's Anthology Celtic Wind Vol 1 KONTAKT. This is the first release in a three-volume collection of ethnic instruments from different countries and cultures, created by the company that specializes in vocal libraries. In this review, we will take a closer look at what this library has to offer and how it can enhance your musical projects.

What's included?

Anthology Celtic Wind Vol 1 KONTAKT contains over 600 MB of 24-bit samples, recorded in a controlled studio environment. The library features eight instruments, each with multiple articulations and keyswitches. The instruments are:


  • Highland Pipe: a type of bagpipe native to Scotland, with a distinctive sound and a wide range of pitches.

  • Uilleann Pipe: a type of bagpipe from Ireland, with a softer and more expressive tone than the Highland Pipe.

  • Bombarde: a double-reed instrument from Brittany, France, similar to an oboe but louder and more nasal.

  • Whistle D: a simple metal or wooden flute in the key of D, commonly used in Irish folk music.

  • Whistle F: a similar instrument to the Whistle D, but in the key of F and with a higher pitch.

  • Tin Whistle F: another variation of the whistle, made of tin or brass and with a brighter sound.

  • Concertina: a small, hexagonal accordion with buttons on both sides, popular in Irish and English folk music.

  • Celtiberic War Horn: a large, curved horn made of metal or animal horn, used by ancient Celtic tribes for signaling and warfare.

The library also includes some bonus content, such as single-hit drum samples, vocal phrases, and sound effects. All the samples are compatible with Native Instruments Kontakt 5 and 6, and require the full version of the software. The library does not work with the free Kontakt Player or any other sampler engine.

How does it sound?

The library sounds very realistic and detailed, thanks to the high-quality recording and editing. The instruments have a rich and organic character, with subtle variations and nuances that make them sound alive. The articulations include legato, staccato, vibrato, trills, bends, grace notes, ornaments, and more. The keyswitches allow you to switch between them easily and create expressive performances. The library also provides some useful controls, such as volume, pan, reverb, attack, release, and EQ. You can adjust them to suit your preferences and mix them with other instruments.

The library covers a wide range of musical styles and genres, from traditional Celtic folk music to modern film scores and ambient soundscapes. The instruments can create beautiful melodies, haunting drones, energetic rhythms, and atmospheric textures. You can use them solo or in combination with other instruments to create rich and diverse arrangements. The library is suitable for composers, producers, sound designers, and anyone who wants to add some ethnic flavor to their music.


Bela D Media Anthology Celtic Wind Vol 1 KONTAKT is a great sample library for anyone who loves Celtic wind instruments. It offers a high-quality collection of samples that capture the authentic sounds and expressions of these instruments. It is easy to use and versatile enough to fit any musical project. It is also very affordable compared to other ethnic libraries on the market. If you are looking for a way to spice up your music with some Celtic wind instruments, you should definitely give this library a try.

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